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Reasons to Love Dogurus to Celebrate #Doglove!

Dogurus especially focuses on making the lives of the dog parents happier and comfortable. We have an extensive list of dog gifts, daily use accessories, training items, sports accessories for dogs, and den accessories to provide your pets with the utmost care that they need and deserve. The reasons to love Dogurus for choosing a dog are:

Top Picks only:
we research, test, review and share products that meet or exceed our strict criteria.
Extensive Gift ideas:
we have a comprehensive list of dog gift ideas to provide you a wide array of choices to choose the best from.
We care for your dogs: hence, we provide every dog gift item from harnesses to beds, to beds and bones.
Our love for dogs matches yours: we understand how much dog parents love their pets and vice versa. We appreciate your passion for dogs and think from your perspective as well as your dogs to introduce new and amazing items to our list every now and then to make everyone happy.
Best prices: our dog products & gifts are competitively priced because every dog deserves special care, and prices should not limit their owners to provide their pets the utmost care they need & deserve.
Exciting offers:
we offer promotions and offers to keep our dogs & owners happy.

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Amazing Gifts to Endorse Dog Love!

Canophilia or 'dog love' is just like any other; it requires an endorsement, recognition, reciprocation, and most important, CELEBRATION!
Dogurus provides you the perfect opportunity to celebrate the dog love of those you love. There is nothing better than dog accessories and dog gifts that will make them happier! If you have a dog owner in your circle of friends or family, you'll know instantly what to gift them on any special occasion with Dogurus. Pick your favorites from this extensive list of dog gifts and dog lover gifts and treat your friends and their precious pets with gifts they will never forget!

Simplifying choices for the Cynophilists!

If you are a Cynophilist or 'a person who loves dogs' by heart, celebrating your love for your pet would need some amazing expressions of joy like a comfy dog bed or dog treats for potty training and many other special dog toys that your dog would love to play with. Spoil your pet partner with utmost ease and comfort and make them your loyal friends forever!

Creating Tail Wagging Experiences & Adventures!

Have you tried something new with your pet in a while? Then this is the season to get started! Try out a new dog treat or dog toy, teach your dog a new trick, provide your dog comfort with a new comfy dog bed, or give them a new look with a new dog leash and dog collar! Train your dog with new technology, try a new sport with specially designed dog outdoor gear and dog hiking accessories, explore a new park or make your next travel vacation especially enjoyable with your best friend with dog travel accessories! Share your new adventures with us! #Dogurus

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National Dog Day

Fourth Of July

spring is in the air!

A new season, a fresh new look! A personalized dog collar with spring prints and matching leash would be a nice new gadget to adorn your pet for a walk this season! Don't forget to add the scented poop bags with dispenser to your new leash! Don't let the rain stop you from going on a walk, check out the umbrellas for your best friend! Got Mud? Add a seat cover to your vehicle and try out the portable paw washer to keep your vehicle and house clean! Browse through our latest spring collection to choose the pieces you and your pup will love! Don't forget to share your style with us on social! #Dogurus

Spring Must-Haves

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Aquapaw Pro Pet Grooming Sprayer and Scrubber in One Shower & Outdoor Garden Hose Compatible, Dog Cat Horse Grooming

Blueberry Pet Iconic Design Collar Slide, Hair Clip & Pedant Accessory Set, Pack of 2 for Dogs & Cats

Earth Rated Leash Dispenser for Dog Waste Bags

Blueberry Pet 10+ Patterns Spring Scent Inspired Floral Print/Camo Print Dog Harnesses

Burt's Bees For Dogs Natural Itch Soothing Shampoo with Honeysuckle | Anti-Itch Dog Shampoo, 16 Ounces

Pink Dog Raincoat XS-L, Apparel for Dogs by Nicole Miller, Floral Pet Raincoat American Cat Club

Dog Back Seat Cover Protector Waterproof Scratchproof Nonslip Hammock for Dogs Backseat Protection Against Dirt and Pet Fur Durable Pets Seat Covers for Cars & SUVs

Blueberry Pet 10+ Patterns Soft & Comfy Spring Scent Inspired Floral/Camo Print Dog Harness Vests, Harness Dresses

MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer/ Paw Cleaner

LESYPET Pet Umbrella, Dog Umbrella with Leash Folding Assembled Puppy Doggy Umbrella (Transparent)

Dog Water Bottle, Leak Proof Portable Puppy Water Dispenser with Drinking Feeder for Pets Outdoor Walking, Hiking, Travel, Food Grade Plastic

FLEXI New Classic Retractable Dog Leash (Tape), 16 ft, Medium, Black

Blueberry Pet 7 Patterns Spring Scent Inspired Rose Print Safety Training Martingale Dog Collars, Personalized Collars

Blueberry Pet 3 Patterns Spring Scent Inspired Rose Flower Pullover Dog Sweatshirts

Blueberry Pet 10+ Patterns Soft & Comfy Spring Scent Inspired Floral/Camo Print Dog Harness Vests, Harness Dresses

Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer for Dogs (Small/Medium), Dog Nail Clippers, Dog Grooming Tools, Pet Nail Clippers, Pet Supplies for Dogs, Dog Gifts, Dog Accessories, Dog Supplies

Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces Shedding by Up to 95% Professional Deshedding Tool for Dogs and Cats

FLEXI Multi Box Black For Treats