Why You Need A Dog GPS Tracker Collar

May 2, 2022

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Why You Need A Dog GPS Tracker Collar

A dog loves to explore the outside world and will go to any extent to achieve this. However, this can lead to danger and liability on the part of the dog owner should the dog runaway and get lost. It is devastating for you and your dog. A GPS tracker collar, therefore, is a must-have accessory for a dog. The GPS tracker built into the collar helps you to track the dog's location in near real time, so if your dog get’s out and is lost - you do not have to drive around yelling your dog’s name, asking your neighbors if they have seen your dog, calling around to see if their microchip has been scanned, etc. We all know that feeling when you cannot find your dog…every minute feels like an hour and every hour you get more and more worried about your best friend. Here we will learn about the need and benefits of a smart dog collar and the best GPS collar for your dog.

Why Do Dogs Need a GPS Collar?

A GPS Tracker for your dog is a small device that affixes to the collar or harness of your pet and tracks its location, along with other features. A GPS tracker displays where your pooch is located in near real-time across the globe on maps on a phone app, while also tracking its health & activity. This way, instead of wondering where they are and if they are safe you can always be sure where they are and how they are doing.

Benefits of the Whistle GPS Tracker

·      Whistle GPS tracker collar makes it very easy to track down your beloved pet by using these amazing next-generation GPS tracking devices and easy to use app.

·      Whistle GPS tracker collar is very small and practically invisible so they will not cause any discomfort to your dog.

·      Whistle GPS tracker collar has built in flashlight mode so your pup is easy to spot in the dark.

·      Whistle GPS tracker collars are smart phone friendly and the phone app will send you notifications, location updates, wellness scores, and so much more.

·      Whistle GPS tracker collar has fitness features; You can set activity goals based on breed, age and weight; Monitor calories burned, distance traveled, minutes active and more. You can even earn badges for achieving milestones.

·      Whistle GPS tracker collar has health &wellness features; You can catch potential health issues before they become problems; Whistle analyzes scratching, licking, drinking, sleeping and more week over week and alerts you if there are any abnormalities. The Whistle app also generates wellness scores.

·      Whistle GPS tracker collar has portion calculators; You can use the calculator to personalize your dog’s food portions based on their age, breed, weight, exercise levels, even types of food.

·      Whistle GPS tracker collar has a 24 hour timeline; Millions of data points are collected, sent to the Whistle app and translated into simple health insights. Knowing exactly what your dog is doing and how they are doing 24 hours a day is extremely powerful and helpful such that it makes it not only possible but so easy to be proactive with your dog’s health & wellness.

·      Whistle GPS tracker collar phone app has a Vet feature; You can chat, video call or email Whistle Vet to get advice and guidance to help answer any questions so you can avoid expensive unnecessary vet visits.  

Whistle Dog GPS tracker Collar

The Whistle Dog GPS tracker collars are great because they help you to keep a close eye on your beloved pup and make sure that they are living their healthiest lives possible. With the whistle GPS tracker, for example, you can say goodbye to always running behind your dog and trying to gauge their wellness status with expensive vet visits. The Whistle pet tracking device aids in monitoring a dog’s activity levels, distance traveled, calories burned, as well as activities like scratching, licking, and time spent sleeping throughout the day. It allows you to be proactive with your dog’s health and wellness and give you access to Vet experts if needed. The Whistle dog collar even includes a built in flashlight mode for late-night walks so your dog is easy to spot.


Many people are unaware of the importance of a GPS tracker for dogs. However, these devices are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. GPS trackers for dogs are extremely important because they allow pet parents to always keep track of their dogs. With the help of these devices, pet parents will be able to ensure that their dogs are always safe. There are many different types of GPS trackers for dogs. Some of the most popular ones are those that are usually attached to the dog’s collar and have a separate remote control with a display (not a phone app). With the Whistle Dog GPS tracker collar you will have all of the information you need and more about your dog right on your phone.