Why Dog Beds Are Necessary

May 2, 2022

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Why Dog Beds Are Necessary

As a dog mom or dog dad, we want to ensure that our dogs are as comfy as possible. One of the ways we can do this is by providing a comfortable dog bed for them to sleep on if they aren’t allowed on the human bed or furniture. Dogs like to have a place of their own that is comfortable for them to relax and sleep and let's be honest...dogs sleep for roughly 12-14 hours a day. That's quite a bit of time per day, so we should make sure they have their own spot and that it is comfortable.

Dog beds are great for adult dogs just as dog crates are for puppies and most dog crates don’t typically come with a nice comfortable mattress for your pup. Nearly half of dogs do not have the same bed or furniture rights as their dog mom or dog dad in the house. To keep your dog from dirtying your furniture throughout the house, you should consider investing in an appropriate dog bed for your best friend. Being a good dog mom or dog dad means buying your dog a nice dog bed so he can make himself comfortable and have his own spot in your house, where everyone else knows not to step inside it and disturb him. Dogs are known for having favorite spots to sleep, and often they try finding the most comfortable places - which may include our couches or carpeted areas of a home or a spot where the sun rays come in thru a window. You will want to keep your dog’s new comfy bed in the spot they prefer to sleep.

Dogs have their preferences for a dog bed; some prefer to have a bed that is flat, some prefer to have a bed that is donut shaped and some prefer a leaner style dog bed. Also most dogs have a favorite place to sleep and it's usually somewhere different from their favorite place to play. Here we will explore why dog beds are necessary and how to choose the right dog bed.

How to Choose The Right Dog Bed?

When choosing the best bed for your dog, take a look at what kind of sleep positions he prefers during his rest time. If he loves to curl up or if he prefers to stretch out as much as possible? Also, make sure you are matching his preferred sleeping position with the appropriate size of chosen bed and filling so it rises to the challenge. If he likes to curl up in a ball and does not mind too much space constrictions, consider getting him a soft and calming donut style bed. If instead, however, your furry friend tends to like to have more room for stretching out all four legs, try getting a memory foam mattress with a backrest or headrest. You’ll want to consider your dogs age and activity level as well when selecting the best dog bed for your dog. Many dog beds now have orthopedic memory foam for joint & muscle pain relief. If your dog is older and has a harder time getting up, you should consider this as well a heating dog bed pad. Some dog beds have removable machine washable covers, if your dog likes to play outside a lot and is proud of getting dirty this is another item to consider when picking out your dogs new bed. You may also want to consider your dogs coat type, some dogs with longer coats may run hot and may prefer a breathable mattress or cooler sleeping conditions while others may have short coats and prefer a dog bed heating pad (especially those with joint pain) and a dog bed comforter or blanket.  

The Best Dog Beds By Type

·      Barkbox 2-in-1 Memory Foam Cuddler Dog Bed

·      Furhaven Sofa Style Memory Foam Dog Bed

·      Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Mattress

·      The Calming Donut Dog Bed

·      Plush Dog Pet Bed Pad

Additional Dog Bed & Dog Furniture Solutions

If you are a dog owner that prefers to keep your dogs off of your bed and furniture you should consider purchasing your dog their own dog furniture. Yes, there are many stylish and comfortable dog sofas beds available that might even match the style of your current sofa; check out this library style dog sofa and this tufted dog sofa that offers storage for dog toys & bones. If you are on the fence about letting your dogs on your bed and furniture check out this waterproof hypoallergenic mattress protector or this water resistant machine washable couch protector cover that are specifically designed with dogs in mind to protect your bed and furniture. Check out our Cleaning Supplies page for additional solutions if your dog has already had an accident or made a mess of your bed or furniture. Dog beds and furniture aren't just limited to the indoors. If you and your dogs love being outside, you have to see these outdoor dog houses and elevated dog bed cabanas here.


Dog beds and dog sofas are a must for every dog owner; Even if you’re one of the dog moms or dog dads that allows your pet to sleep on your bed and furniture. They are necessary because they provide a spot for your pet to sleep, relax, and rest. With a dog bed or dog sofa, your dog will be able to have a spot that is completely his own and he can relax in it when the mood strikes him. Remember dogs sleep roughly 12-14 hours a day, so we hope that you find your dog a very comfortable and durable dog bed that fits their needs. We hope this blog helps you in selecting the right dog bed for your dog.