SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) With Your Pup This Summer!

July 6, 2023

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SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) With Your Pup This Summer!

Do you feel that you and your dog are running out of ways to have some fun together? Are you and your dog getting tired of that same old walk or game of fetch?

Well, SUPing with your pup might just be the new, exciting and rewarding activity that you and your dog can enjoy this summer!  

Paddle boarding is one of the most famous and exciting water sports these days. It involves standing (you can also paddle board sitting, kneeling or lying down) on the paddleboard that floatson top of the water and then using a paddle to propel yourself through thewater.

What you need to paddleboard with your dog

·       Paddleboard Setup

·       Dog lifejacket

·       Dog treats

·       Waterproof Container (For Phone, Wallet, Dog Treats, etc.)

·       Fresh Drinking Water

·       Sunglasses

·       Sunscreen

·       Bug Spray

·       Extra Grip (Suggested)

·       Dog Ladder (Suggested)

·       Dog Water Toy (Suggested)

·       GoPro (Optional)

·      Anchor (Optional)

Step by step training

Step 1: Tell your dog to sit and stay in place.

Step 2: Grab your paddleboard setup and place it on flat ground (garage, living room, or yard will work) near your dog and begin to setup your paddleboard. You want to your dog to see and become familiar with the setup process and you want to make sure that your dog remains calm and follows your commands in this step.

Step 3:  Once your paddleboard is setup, command your dog to “come” and sit and laydown in place on the paddleboard. Typically, dogs will sit or laydown on the front of the paddleboard. Reward them listening and for being such a good dog!

Step 4: Command your dog to get off the paddleboard. Repeat Steps 3 & 4 until they understand and are comfortable the commands.

Step 5: With the paddle in your hand and you and your dog in place on the paddleboard, move the paddle around as if you are on the water to get used to the motions. Also, use your body to sway the paddleboard side to side as well as up and down. This will simulate being on the water and it will help you and your dog get used balancing on the paddleboard.

Step 6: Head to the water! If possible, find a dog-friendly beach where you and dog can practice SUPing at water depths you both are comfortable with to start-off. Beaches typically have less activity, hazards and distractions compared to boat ramps.

Step 7: Reward your pup with treats and have fun with it! Jump off the paddleboard together and go for a swim! Get a dog ramp and train your dog to jump off and fetch a water toy! Get a GroPro and document all of your new adventures together!  

With each passing day, paddle boarding along with your dog is becoming a prevalent activity among dog lovers, and a lot of people out there want to try it.

We really hope that if you read this article before taking your dog out for paddle boarding, that it will help you and your dog have some fun in the sun!

We wish you & your dog happy paddle boarding!