Skateboardjoring | An Extremely Exciting & Fun Activity To Do With Your Dog

July 6, 2023

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Skateboardjoring | An Extremely Exciting & Fun Activity To Do With Your Dog

Most of the time, whenever you read or hear the words "Activities to do with your dog," the first thing that would usually pop up in your mind would be an easy walk around the neighborhood, a trip to a dog park or a game of fetch in the backyard. We think that those activities are a lot of fun and help create a fantastic bond between the owner and the dog. However, we all (humans & dogs) get that craving to try something new, exciting and fun!

In this blog, we will tell you about the extremely exciting & fun activity you can perform with your dog, which will keep you and your dog safe, happy and in great shape!

Dog Joring

Many readers might be reading about Dog Joring for the first time, whereas some might already know about it. Joring means 'driving' or 'pulling,' so dog joring is just that - having your dog pull or tow you along. There are many different types of joring, in this article we’ll cover Skateboarding (skateboardjoring). It's an extremely exciting & fun activity for you and your dog. Not to mention its rewarding, great exercise and it will strengthen the bond between you and your dog!

Let's look at some important things that you should keep in mind before you start rolling with your dog.

1) Your Dogs Jore-ability  

Most dog & breeds do nothave a problem with joring - they actually love it! These dogs & breeds are physically fit, active and consider it their job to pull you along! A few breeds are reluctant to joring…so, before moving forward you should consider the size, strength, overall health and will of your dog.

2) Proper Dog Joring Equipment

Skateboardjoring should never be performed using a standard dog collar, harness or leash. This could result in a severe injury to your dog and yourself. There are specially designed dog pulling harnesses and shock absorbing leashes that allow your dog to pull you safely. The dog pulling harness safely distributes the pulling weight over your dog and the shock-absorbing leash absorbs pulling shock when there are sudden tugs or yanks from stopping, pulling, etc.


Below are the items required to go Skateboardjoring with your dog:    

·      Skateboard or Longboard

·      Dog Pulling Harness

·      Shock Absorbing Leash Attachment

·      Fresh Water

·      Travel Water Bowl

·      Helmet (Suggested)

·      Safety Gear (Suggested)

·      GoPro (Optional)

3) Dog Joring Training & Commands  

Skateboardjoing essentially puts your dog in physical control, so you must train your dog to listen, understand and obey commands for you and your dog’s safety. Here are a few commands that will help you and your dog while skateboardjoring! And remember, practice makes perfect!  

Let’s Go & Pull - Tells your dog to get going

Hup-Hup & Pick it up - Tells your dog to go faster

Leave it alone - Tells your dog to ignore a nearby distraction

Right & Gee - Tells your dog to move rightward.

Left & Haw - Tells your dog to move leftward.

Slow - Tells your dog to slow down

Stop - Tells your dog to stop

Wait & Stay - Tells your dog to stand still or not move

We really hope that this article helps you and your dog have an extremely exciting & fun time Skateboardjoring! In addition, we really hope to see some photos and videos of you and your dog Skateboardjoring! Don’t forget to share your new adventures with us on social! #Dogurus

We wish you all the best!