How To Spring Clean With Your Pups!

July 6, 2023

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How To Spring Clean With Your Pups!

It is time to start cleaning for spring and summer (finally!) You might be asking yourself, where do I even start?  We will help you efficiently and effectively clean your house for the seasons to come!

1). Use the Swiffer Duster Super Extender  to dust off ceiling fans, light fixtures, air vents, trim, window blinds, etc. It extends up to 6’,so you will not need to use a step stool or ladder to get to those hard to reach areas! You can find Swiffer Duster Refills (here).

2). Use the Swiffer Duster to dust off night stands, shelves, picture frames, décor items, artificial plants, baseboards, etc. It extends to 3’, so you will not need to get down on your hands and knees to dust baseboards or other hard to reach areas such as behind the toilet. You can find Swiffer Duster Refills here.

3). Use Clorox Wipes to clean and disinfect all surfaces and contact points such as light switches, door handles, faucet’s, hand rails, cabinet knobs, etc. The wipes make cleaning and disinfecting a breeze!

4). Use Swiffer Sweeper to dust the trim boards and floors. The Swiffer Sweeper makes it easy to clean and dust under those hard to reach areas like under the table, sofa, chairs and it works on all hard surfaces such as hardwood, tile, and vinyl. You can find Swiffer Sweeper Pet Heavy Duty Dry Sweeping Cloth Refills here.

5). Use the Swiffer Wetjet to mop the floors, it traps and locks in dirt and grime so it does not get pushed around the floors like normal mop. If you have stains and odors on your hardwood floors, Natures Miracle Advanced Stain & Odor Eliminator works great! You can also purchase the Reusable Microfiber Mop Pads For Pets for the Swiffer Wetjet. They have magnetic fibers that attract pet hair for faster clean up and the pads machine washable and reusable.

6). Use the Bissell 2522 Pet Vacuum or the Dyson Pet Vacuum to deep clean the hard and soft surfaces in your house. Start with the ceiling moldings, cabinets and vent covers, then the sofas, chairs and then work down to the rugs and floors. These vacuums are very powerful and include specialized pet attachments that pick up pet hair and dander. The attachments make it easy to clean out nooks and crannies and to deep clean high traffic areas such as stairs.    

7). Use the Bissell Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner to shampoo, deep clean and protect the soft surfaces in your home. This Bissell carpet cleaner with the Bissell Deep Clean Pro 4X Carpet Shampoo will completely renew and protect your carpet, rugs and other soft surfaces in your home. Warning: You will be grossed out by how dirty the dirty water tank is after cleaning.

8). Replace the Furnace Air Filter with a Filtrete Allergen Defense Odor Reduction Air Filter for healthy & happy living this holiday season.

9). Use Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard Dryer Sheets on all towels, bed sheets & pillowcases, blankets, etc. to keep pet hair under control and to keep all of your guests happy.

10). Touch up nicks and scratches on furniture, floors, trim and doors.

11). Clean off mirrors, windows, sills and other Knick Knacks.

12). Organize your pups bones and toys in toy bins and jars.

Enjoy your freshly cleaned house with your pups!