5+ Must-Have Dog Technology Products For This Summer!

July 6, 2023

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5+ Must-Have Dog Technology Products For This Summer!

If we label the last decade as the decade of science and technology, it won't really be an exaggeration, right? The latest technology has conquered almost all fields, and there is no denying the ever-growing benefits of technology in different fields of our daily life. Technology has exceeded our expectations so much that now we take things for granted. For example, imagine that there is 09 degrees temperature out in the summer and the heat is excruciating. All you need to do is switch on a button, and the air around you is conditioned to the temperature of your liking. This is the power of technology. If you are reading this article, then it is a guarantee that you are a dog lover, and you might be wondering that maybe you are on a different site that is endorsing technology. Well, you will be happily surprised to know that there are several dog technology products available that can help you and your dog enjoy the beautiful summer and it's heat in a much better way!

In this blog, we will look at the different gadgets that you can use this summer with your dogs to keep them active, nice and cold, and most importantly safe!

Here are the top 5 gadgets that you should buy in the summer for you and your dog! 

#1- GPS Collar

Can you imagine if you lost your dog, your best friend? The heart breaking feeling of not knowing where they are or if they're okay...Can you imagine how scared & helpless your dog would feel? Just wanting to come home to be with their owner & best friend, but not knowing which direction home is...For the love of dog...we are so glad that GPS technology has made it to dog collars for both the dog lovers and dogs sake! Invest in a GPS collar for your dog if you want your dog to return home safely.

#2- Dog Lure System

If you want to keep your dog physically fit and active, then the Dog Lure system is a must-have toy. It imitates how a fast-moving prey would try to run away from the dog and how the dog has to be on top of its fitness to catch that prey. It is surely one of the most interactive, demanding and challenging toys to play with...with your dog. That's right, you get to play with your dog, it is remote controlled! You get to control the layout, speed and direction of the Dog Lure!

#3- Furbo Treat Dispenser

This has to be perhaps the best invention for dog lovers in recent times. It allows you to stay at your office and even then get in touch with your dog via a camera and two-way communication with your dog where the dog can even listen to your commands. However, the best part is that you can even give your dog treats by using this device, and hence the dog won't feel alone at any time and it will be totally cool and comfortable at all times!

#4- Dog Cooling Vest

Finally...cooling technology has made it to the dog industry! You know those hot summer days that you see your dog panting so hard that you worry they might have a heat stroke? You'll no longer have to worry with the dog cooling vest by Ruffwear! It has technology that reflects and wicks away the heat and it is dog collar and dog harness friendly! No matter where or what you and your dog are doing on a hot summer day know they're cool, healthy and comfortable with the dog cooling vest!

#5- Dog Drinking Fountain

We have all experience it! A hot summer day, you and your dog are outside enjoying the weather! You see your dogs tongue sticking out and it's pale in color. You feel dehydrated too. You check the ice water bowl you put out for your dog and it's already too dirty and warm for them to drink. You wish there was a product like a dog drinking fountain that would allow your dog to get a nice cool drink of water when they need it, whenever they need it without the hassle of cleaning and refilling, cleaning and refilling, etc. their water bowl! Well...you're wish came true! Added bonuses, it's a great way to cool off and it's safe for humans too!

#6- Interactive Balls & Treat Dispensers

The interactive balls and treat dispensers are one of the most interesting and exciting gifts of technology for your dog to play with! This might give that feeling to your dog that the ball or treat dispenser is something active or alive and it is more interesting than a ball or treat that just sit's there!  These interactive balls and treat dispensers will surely increase the interest, play time and intensity of play time with your pup whether you're inside or outside on a hot summer day!

#7- Dog Pool

The best way to cool off on a hot summer day is to jump into a pool!

#8- LED Collar

Summer time means more sunset and night walks! This LED collar will help ensure your dog is safe on those walks and it looks really cool too!

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