25+ Stylish Dog Themed Home Décor Pieces Every Dog Lover Home Needs

May 8, 2022

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Dog Themed Home Décor

There are many ways to show your love for your dog but the home décor is one of the most popular ways. Nowadays there is a whole range of dog-themed home décor available, there are many people who like to collect and show off dog-themed items and some like to gift these item to dog loving friends, family and new home owners. We will highlight the best dog-themed home décor below. In this article, we will talk about the best places to find not just ideas for home décor but also the best deals for beautiful dog-themed home decorations.

Wipe Your Paws Door Mat

A doormat is the first thing that you encounter upon entering someone's abode. Check out this regal doormat from Gorilla Grip. It's made of a nylon border and backing: great for trapping moisture, mud, or any other messy unwanted debris with double-thickness and non-skid diamond-shaped top surface; helping to form a retention dam to trap the dirt while also wicking away water easily.

You're going to love how it looks on your doorstep, just like its name implies: keep it clean and proud. Not only will your guests appreciate the extra detail, but they'll also be sure to wipe their paws before approaching your welcome mat.

Dogs Welcome Word Box Sign

The first thing that anyone will notice when they enter your home is the saying on your wall or table. What better way to show your guests (and yourself) a pleasant environment? This wooden dog-themed sign saying 'Dogs are welcome' is just the statement for any home.

Not only does it tell whoever is entering exactly how you use your space but it also tells them exactly what to expect with respect to their behavior towards others. It's versatile like that and is perfect for telling spouses, friends, family, or loved ones how much you care about them and their concerns by allowing someone who is typically not allowed in.

Reserved For the Dog Pillow

Every dog needs a proper place to rest, just like a person would need their pillow. This Pillow reserved for dogs is the perfect complement to your dog's resting spot, and it can help your pup to get some much-needed rest as well. It can also be an accent in any room of your choosing. Dogs love snuggling up to soft things like pillows and probably really appreciate having one of their own just like the rest of us humans do. This eye-catching pillow is purely made of soft cotton and is super comfortable.

Dog Canvas Wall Art

Looking for the perfect way to show your love and admiration for those lovely dogs of yours? Now you can proudly display that love by owning this unique piece of art. In this unique art, our pet dog is dressing up as his favorite rap star. The size of the canvas stretches to be 20 inches in height, 16 inches in width, and Another2 inches in depth (which includes a space around the canvas).

All you need to do is simply open your package, place it on your wall, and there you have it a work of art that you can display proudly with all the other amazing pieces of work. It’s a gift anyone would just love so make sure to get yours today and don't miss out on this opportunity. There are many different dog themed canvas wall art options available for every room in the house including a bathroom and game room.

Metal Dog Themed Wall Art

Looking for the perfect way to show your love and admiration for those lovely dogs of yours? Now you can proudly display that love by owning this unique piece of metal art. In this unique art, a cute dog sleeping. The size of the art is 14 inches by 12 inches  and it can be put up on any wall in your home that needs a accent with just two nails or screws.

All you need to do is simply open your package, place it on your wall, and there you have it a work of art that you can display proudly with all the other amazing pieces of work. It’s a gift anyone would just love and there are many different metal dog themed décor wall art options available for every room in the house including a bathroom and game room.

French Bulldog Lamp

How about lightening up your home with your love for French bulldogs. Bring home this whimsical table lamp that features a dog-shaped ceramic base in a classic white finish with chic silver accents and a soft shade for a delightful look. This piece will both light up your space as well as make it more eye-catching. You can connect the lamp to the smart device of your choice so you can control its various settings.

Bone Shaped Toy Basket

When you walk into your house and find that your pup's toys are out of control, leave them around the house. It gets tiring to gather all of their toys up all day long when they're always getting into things. But sometimes it’s worth the effort because it keeps them from chewing on inappropriate items or possibly getting hurt while they go after something they shouldn't have.

So here is a cute bone-shaped basket that not only can hold some of their toys in one place, but can also provide plenty of storage to keep puppy treats, leashes, food, collars, beds, and anything else small enough for them and their favorite toys. You can train your pup to put the toys in the basket after playing with the.

Designer Machine Washable Rugs

Every dog mom and dog dad and home owner knows that rugs are merely impossible to keep clean. From dust to dirt, drinks to food, your rugs collects it all and they are expensive and time consuming to clean and not to mention to replace. These stylish machine washable rugs are a game changer! They add style, texture and color to your home and when they get dirty you just simply toss it into the washer machine like your clothes...there is no longer a need to call around and ask for professional rug cleaner quotes or to purchase and use a professional grade cleaners and machines. This machine washable rug is perfect for a busy dog loving home.

Personalized Dog Blanket

Blankets are commonly found in most people’s bedrooms. If you live with a dog, why not customize your blanket with photos of your Fido friend instead of the latest trendiest images available? You can create blankets with pictures of yourself and your pet or just your pet alone. We want to make sure that you will find a blanket that will brighten up and inspire others during the cold fall season.

All the blankets are made using the softest materials and are available in different sizes. With 8 photo printing options, you can design a stylish blanket for yourself or as a gift for someone you care about. (Always select high-quality photos so that you can have what we're sure will be an amazing photo blanket.)

Dog Succulent Planter Pot 

Dog lovers will appreciate this puppy dog planter. This adorable, one-of-a-kind planter is shaped like a dog and will add a pleasant dash of wistful charm to your office or home plants. We especially love the fact that it is breathable, allowing moisture to escape but preventing your plant from drying out. The drainage hole design means no more over-watering as well. It keeps small, potted plants fresh and protects them from insects due to the seamless fit on top of any pot. This is absolutely something dog owners need in their life, if not for themselves then for their fluffs so they can enjoy some greens without having to do any work at all.

Decorative Dog Door Stopper

This Decorative Door stopper is a great way to bring personality and color into your home. They have a wide range of uses too, as they're not only for stopping doors but can be used in several ways around the house as well. For example, you could use them as a paper weight or sit them on the mantle piece to make your place feel more homely and welcoming. These door stoppers make for great gifts since any animal lover or home décor enthusiast will be sure to find the charm appealing and they’re ideal during holiday times such as Christmas, birthdays, and Mothers' Day if you're looking for something extra special during these occasions.

Decorative Dog Bookends

If you're a book lover then you must have a lot of books in your home. While showing off one's collection has been popular for decades, it does get boring to just display them in the same old way. Your books must be able to capture the interest of others, but also make sure they are organized and accessible. This divider will do both no matter what type of book(s) you have. It is ideal for home or office decoration and not only helps one organize their books by category or color but makes a great visual statement with geometric design.

Dog Desk Lamp

This dog desk lamp is perfect for any room that needs an accent piece and more light. It is fully adjustable and come in various wood finishes. It is perfect for a home office or study desk, an end table or bookshelf. We imagine this being the perfect book reading light. It is also dimmable and could be used as a night light. Any dog lover would love to have this in their home.

Dog Bone Shaped Wall Hook & Key and Leash Holder

This dog bone shaped hook wall set has been engineered to be user-friendly and easy to install, your entryway bathroom bedroom, or patio will acquire a beautiful appearance creating the perfect setting for relaxation. This dog hook bone is very functional and stylish and it complements all the décor of your house it is something that's certainly always a plus. The hooks can be used to hang unfastened leashes, harnesses, hats, towels, coats, you name it. There is also the "His", "Hers" and "The Dogs" key and leash holder. Perfect for dog loving home owners car keys and house keys and of course the dog leash.

Enchanted Dog Sofa

Dogs require comfortable, cushioned surfaces to rest on but many contemporary dog beds and sofas are poorly designed for canine's natural anatomy. This leather wood sofa is the perfect solution to this common problem. With an innovative design that allows a place for memory foam underneath which has been designed in accordance to apply the weight from the dog on the entire surface of its body, it greatly reduces pressure and supports joints as well as muscles. Additionally, this leather wooden sofa provides great comfort thanks to its thick cushioning layer. Also, there are two pockets in which you can keep your pet's favorite toys or chew bones! It will certainly compliment or match your home décor and any dog would love this piece. We can imagine this dog sofa in a living room or family room next to a fire place or in a home office or library.

Furniture Style Dog crate

With these furniture style dog crates, you can fit your pet inside these stylish pet crates and no one will ever know that it is a dog crate. They are the perfect size for most dog breeds and can be used in any room of the house whether it be an entrance hall, living room, or bedroom, as an end table or nightstand. Using recycled plastic wood makes them ultra-light yet durable so you can easily move them around between rooms if needed.

Dog Themed Bathroom Décor

Yes, even the bathroom can have a dog theme. Check out these cute dog themed shower curtains, bathroom rugs, hand towels, soap dispensers and tooth brush holders.

Dog Themed Laundry Room Sign

Many houses that have laundry rooms, but the laundry rooms lack in décor. Let's be honest, who really likes to hang out in the laundry room? Adding a few pieces of décor to your laundry room such as this one, a vintage dog themed laundry room sign, will add some style and smiles. Who knows, maybe after adding some dog themed décor to your laundry room, it could become one of your favorite rooms!

Decorative Dog Figurines & Memorial Boxes

These decorative dog figurines are perfect for mantels, end tables, shelves and coffee tables. They are universal and they can be out year round or can be put out for special occasions or holidays. These cute dog figurines also make great memorial gifts for someone that may have lost their best friend. A great way to memorialize your puppy, you can also celebrate the special moments, which would represent your first year with one another. Doing so will allow one to bring their fur baby into the home, and decorate it as a means of creating a lasting memory. The photo and collar frame are an awesome present for pet owners. This tribute frame also acts as a healer if your fur baby is gone forever. It's much more than just remembering memories with having just living photos; this frame allows one to have something tangible that they can look at again and again. Grieving is never easy but having a good friend nearby who happens to be able to understand what you're going through makes everything seem better in time. Cherish it forever as a beautiful reminder of their perfect years which brought them to you, and enjoy those Christmas mornings for many years to come together both living happily together once more.

Dog Shaped Wine Holders & Decanters

This dog shaped wine holder is a perfect gift for dog mother and wine lover. It come in many different dog breeds and it is a talking piece for sure. It is very unique and probably one of the coolest ways to show off your love dogs and wine. If a dog shaped wine holder isn't your style, then maybe this dog lover wine bottle and wine glass holder is!

Dog Paw Cutting Board

This dog paw shaped serving board and cutting board is perfect for the kitchen, dining area and for a dog loving chef. Whether you are  cooking food for your dog or for your family this dog paw shaped serving board and cutting board will do the job and look great. It is natural and made of bamboo and it has grooves to catch any juices ,so it won't damage your table or floors. It is perfect for get togethers and parties, it is definitely another talking piece!

Dog Treat Containers

A house is not a home without a dog and a dog loves treats. Every home that has a dog needs a large sealed container for dog treats and lots of them because they are such good doggos and deserve every treat in the world. This dog treat container keeps dogs from sneaking or stealing treats, it keeps the treats from going stale and it looks amazing in the kitchen or pantry. Whether it is for you or it is a gift for a dog loving new home owner, the end receiver will absolutely love you unconditionally for these stylish and functional dog treat containers.

Dog Themed Nursery Ideas

We all wish we had a dog themed nursey when we were babies! Check out these super cute dog themed nursery crib bedding sets, mobile soother toys, pawtners in crime photo frames and dog themed storage bins. If you are dog loving family and are expecting a baby, these items will surely make it on your baby registry. These dog themed nursey ideas are the perfect solution to creating a cute, calm, comfortable, fun and organized nursey to raise your newborn.

Dog Candle

Every house needs candles, especially this one for when the dog farts!


If you have a dog at home, then your home décor should reflect you and your pet's personality. You can make your house or office look more interesting and attractive by using dog-themed home décor. There are many types of dog-themed home décor that you can use in your house. You can either use a dog-themed pillow or a dog-themed painting. This blog has given you a lot of options to look at and we hope that you and your friends and family will enjoy these dog themed home décor recommendations.